Large Music Magic Virtuoso Hammered Dulcimer
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Virtuoso 15 + 15 + 8





The Virtuoso pro model Hammer Dulcimer 15 treb + 15 bass + 8 wound bass strings made in the UK by top maker Tim Manning using European species timber.

The Virtuoso is slightly larger than the Maestro and adds a set of wound low bass strings. The internal strutting also incorporates composite material struts. The top few courses have three strings per course to increase the volume in the higher register. The bass strings extend the range a further octave below the Maestro and are playable either on the left or right. Wait period about 12 weeks.















The Pro model pictured here. Classic has no red edge felt.

The Virtuoso Range nnnnnn

What's the Difference?

Virtuoso Classic Model £900

No soundboard binding - Hand cut sound-hole, inlay sound-hole surround. Strings tied in pairs (some in triples). Individual copper wound Bass strings. Cavetto moulding on bottom edge.

Virtuoso Pro Model £1000

Maple or Sycamoor soundboard binding - Hand cut sound-hole with inlay sound-hole surround. All strings tied singly. Individual copper wound bass strings. Cavetto moulding on bottom edge. Felt strip on wrest plank edge. Large dulcimer overhead view




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close up of sound holeSoundhole detail

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