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'Table - Top' Dulcimer 9 + 9




Table Top pro model 9 + 9 Hammer Dulcimer made in the UK by top maker Tim Manning using European species timber

This is an 18 course instrument of a size and range closer in style to the Renaissance Dulcimers and Iranian Santur. It has a good volume for its size. The 2011 instrument now comes with colour coded Delrin bridge tops.

Despite this being a small instrument it is still capable of some incredible music.

Drummers in particular often instantly bond with dulcimers

A handle cut into the back allows for easy manouvering

shows handle cut into side

Table Top Pro £500

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Table Top Classic £400

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These photographs show the standard instrument.

I have sometimes built build a very nice decorative frame around this instrument.

Hear a recording of a Table-Top Dulcimer







Table Top Classic

This one from about 2000

This one from about 2005

A specially comissioned Table Top Pro 2012

View from the right

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