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Peter Gabriel production staff contacted me in about 1998 I seem to remember. Thew wanted to buy a Hammered Dulcimer for a project they were involved in. I took a few Harmony Dulcimers over (at that time I wasn't makeing Maestro's) over to Peters writing room at Real World studios in Box near Bath. They chose an instrument which was used on the track The Time of the Turning and sung by Richie Havens (1941-2013) on the album called OVO.

The backing accompanyment that included the Dulcimer was also used for 'The Story of OVO' a Multimedia CD that was included with some impressions of the album. Some sources suggest that the music may have been used in the Millennium Dome show that was performed 999 times but I cant find a complete video of the performance to verify that.








Peter Gabriel




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