UKs No 1 Hammered Dulcimer Maker Tim Manning

Maestro 15 + 15 Dulcimers


Maestro pro model 15 + 15 Hammered Dulcimer made in the UK by top maker Tim Manning using European species timber

The Maestro is the perfect larger sized (15+15) Hammered Dulcimer. Large and full sounding the Music Magic Maestro model gives a developing performer the best in Dulcimer sound. Smaller Music Magic models such as the Harmony and the Table Top are more manoeuvrable with a fantastic more sharp sound due to the less extreme sonic fingerprint produced from the smaller soundboards. The unique style setting design of the Music Magic range produces extraordinary clarity and quickness of sound.

Uniquely, Music Magic instruments are the first to have featured the ability to play both sides of BOTH bridges. The model is available in two version : Standard and Pro. The Standard is the version that has been in production longest, the Pro version has Maple bound edges, felt covered pin block tops and individually tied strings, which means even if a string breaks you can continue playing! Each Dulcimer is hand crafted by Tim Manning in the UK with no Laser cutters involved anywhere! The great sound of a Music Magic instrument awaits you. 

general view of the Maestro Instrument

The Maestro in its 'Classic' form

The instrument lying diagonally on a nicely figured tableMaestro 'Pro'

Maestro Black TopMaestro 'Pro' custom black top

A classic Maestro with custom soundholes

 For custom options contact me before pressing the pay now button!

Quilted timber edge

Bespoke Quilted Sapele rails fitted to a Maestro Classic

This ia a custom Maestro, with sun and moon soundholes.  



edge binding

Edge Binding on the Pro Instrument

The Maestro Range nnnnnn What's the Difference?

Maestro Classic Model £750

Plain soundboard edging - Hand cut sound-hole, inlay sound-hole surround. Bottom edge plain. Strings tied in pairs. Cavetto moulding on bottom edge.

Price options

Maestro Pro Model £850

Maple or Sycamoor soundboard binding - Hand cut sound-hole with inlay sound-hole surround. Cavetto moulding on bottom edge. Felt strip on wrest plank edge. Strings tied singly.

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Custom stained Maestro with Oak design soundhole carving

Close-up Oak carving

Oak Leaf carved soundholeA nice pair


Taken from my album Blue Sky/Clouds, a plucked Maestro.

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