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The first film I worked on was a community film project in which award winning documentary maker Paul Watson tested his thesis that 'If you block up either end of a small street and make a documentary of the prople inside you will find enough material for an interesting film'. In the event Watson walked out on the project before completion. The view of the project's organisers was that his involvement in the project had resurected and revitalised his interest in documentary making. I made several tracks for the film using a process of taking small elements of music from a variety of Frome based music projects. The new compositions were then improvised on by musicians based in Frome.

Frome on Film

Filming - Soundtrack

24 Hours Full Moon

Three simultanious experemental films, each shot over a 24 hour period during full moon, accompanied by a live soundtrack, dancers and cheeze!!! For Frome Festival 2006.

Short film for Education Extra

Editing - Soundtrack

Frome Society for Local Study 50th Aniversary Celebrations

Filming - Editing - Soundtrack

Quince Venison & Peas

Filming and Editing with Pol Conwey - Soundtrack

Noelle - Yoga

Filming - Editing - Soundtrack

Noelle - Yoga - Sun Salutations

Filming - Editing - Soundtrack

9 short films documenting the Rook Lane Arts project Bridging the World

Production - Filming - Editing - Soundtrack




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