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30 course model Cimbalom made in the UK by top maker Tim Manning using European species timber

The Cimbalom is a chromatic instrument and is worth considering instead of a chromatic Dulcimer. Dulcimers were never chromatic in the past anyway so the American so called Chromatic Dulcimer is a hybrid instrument.

The instrument has 8 pairs of copper wound bass strings forming part of the lower register. The traditional cimbalom tuning layout has been employed with a slight modification. The instrument has 3 main bridges and three smaller bridges.

The Cymbalom sound hole design of 6 holes in a circular orbit around the central hole.

cimbalom image

A Concert Grand Cimbalom repair.




A view of the whole instrument on a scissors stand.

Cimbaloms have holding down bridges as well as holding up bridges.

Close-up of the logo on the front of the instrument.

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Table Top Dulcimer 9+ 9

Harmony Dulcimer 12 + 12

Maestro Dulcimer 15 + 15

Hackbrett 15 + 15

Virtuoso Dulcimer 15 + 15 + 8

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Cimbalom 30 Course

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