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Benjamin Henry Edwards



Music Magic Dulcimer player Ben Edwards No1 in France !

Benjamin Henry Edwards, Blues Harp and Hammered Dulcimer player with Charlie Winston recently reported that the band, now signed to Real World Records, have been on tour supporting Peter Gabriel. This year the band have been touring in France promoting the release of the debut album Hobo. Charlie Winston's album Hobo was recently No 2 in France, while the single, taken from the album was Number 1.


After Ben first purchased his instrument he played with the Band Mishka.

After Ben's recent visit to Frome I now have a few photos of his instrument made in 1997. It now has new bridges and a new set of strings and has had the logo applied to the back ( in 1997 I didn't have a logo transfer).

Bens instrument has a Headway Dulcimer pick-up and pre-amp fitted, allowing him to play loud enough to compete with the band. Ben's Dulcimer was made by Tim in 1999 and is a bespoke instrument comprising a 12 x 12 augmented with 4 single Low Bass strings. The treble and bass bridges were modified to take pick-ups that run the entire length of the two bridges, combined with a pre-amp system. This arrangement allows Ben to be able to compete against the sound of a live band with his Music Magic instrument.





Ben recording at Real World studios

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