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Anna Calvi

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Mally Harpaz - is multi-instrumentalist with the band. They came tio visit me in March 2010 to buy a Maestro instrument which they were planning to use during the recording sessions for their then forthcoming album Anna Calvi. A few days later they supported the Arctic Monkeys at the Royal Albert Hall. I was very impressed, the music turned out to be great - guitar based music with a very dark latin inspired influence. I managed to catch the band at the Escape festival Brighton in 2010 where they played to a room of perhaps 100. Interesting moody dark music. These days there are loads of Anna Calvi videos on line but check out Cheap Hotel the band Anna was in before, this video is amazing. More of a Punk feel here with loads of 'show off' virtuosity on guitar. There are some really good live performance videos including one, 54th that has been nicely overdubbed in a studio, which I expect a few people dissaprove of.

Daniel Maiden-Wood left the band giving one weeks notice in the week that The second album One Breath was released October 2013!

Maestro with Anna Calvi  




I took the opportunity while I was in Brighton at the Escape festival to play some Dulcimer music for a while on the street and gave away a good wad of business cards and sold a few CD's.

in 2011 I saw them during their first UK tour at the Thekla in Bristol. Mally introduced me to Anna for the first time. In 2014 They played in Bath at Komedia and I went backstage where Anna, Mally and I shared 1 chair!!

Mally clapping interestingly

Mally Harpaz

Daniel Maiden-Wood the first drummer with Anna Calvi's band and multi instrumentalist Mally Harpaz on the day they picked up their Maestro Classic Dulcimer