Top Hammered Dulcimers

by Tim Manning

The UK Expert - Handmade in England

You wont find better!

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Table Top instrument

Table Top 9 + 9 from £ 400 More

Large dulcimer overhead view

Virtuoso Pro 15 + 15 + 8 Bass £ 920 More

Harmony Pro Dulcimer

Harmony 12 + 12 from £500 More

Very nice looking Dulcimer

Virtuoso Pro Special £ 1120 More

View of MaestroMaestro 15 + 15 from £700 More


The Shop Testimonials

This film features a bespoke Hammered Dulcimer of mine, on its stand. On the left in the shadows is a keyboard case stage prop in a mock 60's stylei I also made for their Nord. So I am quite a presence on that stage even though I am not physically there.

Skeleton Cimbalom

Skeleton Cimbalom 25 Courses £425 More

Hackbrett image

Hackbrett 30 Courses £825 More