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Belarussian Cimbaly-Cymbaly-Tsimbaly


Cymbaly Front right 

There are lots of ways that this instrument may be spelt. Is is a bit Cimbalom like but with a higher tuning and lower string tension. This is a very versatile instrument and is smaller and far more portable than a Concert Cimbalom. Belarussian players are astoundingly good. I make them to order and delivery is 3 - 4 months. You pay a deposit at the beginning and the balance at the end when
I send a confirmation video.

Cimbalt Tuning

In Belarus they use very short hammers which they grip between1st and 2nd finger while the hand is clenched. The performers have a very highly developed damping technique. You can of course play with standard or non-standard Dulcimer hammers!








Cimbaly Top View

Tsmbaly Front side


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