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I started getting interested in the hammered dulcimer from Belarusia in 2012, having been aware of the many types of different dulcimer for many years but without the detailed knowledge that I am starting to amass. Utube has been instrumental in the discovery, together with Wikepidea.

What is particularly good about the Cymbaly?

The instrument is completely chromatic over more that 3 octaves and the layout of the strings is quit logical without being over obsessive. This means that it's quite intuative to play, particularly for Hammered Dulcimer players. Cymbaly sounds sweeter than (Hungarian) Cimbalom, particularly the concert grand version which has quite a dark sound. The instrument is not damped and the strings and soundboard together are quite nicely resonant. Cimbalom in contrast has to be played damped a lot with the built-in dampers, this is because the strings are quite thick. Because they are thick, once energised by the hammers they want to carry on for a long time and consequently the sound would get very muddled without damping after a bit. Cymbaly is much more mobile (smaller/lighter) and the virtuoso players play in a berwildering array of different genres.

Cymbaly players have a very particular style of playing which involves quite a lot of damping of the strings with the lower arms and fingers. In my view the Cymbaly seems to be the Holy Grail of Hammered Dulcimers. It is much more 'Dulcimer like' than Cimbalom.

Here is a link to some Cymbaly playing, particularly the Ensemble 'Smile'.






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The instruments are made to order. Waiting time is between 3 to 4 months currently - June 2013. The price of the instrument is as it stands in my workshop. The Delivery (carriage will vary country to country) cost is not included in the price.

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