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It's easy to tune a Hammered Dulcimer!!

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hammered Dulcimer
french flag

17th Century painted top Hammered Dulcimer

Antique Dulcimer (or Salterio) restored 2013

Cool Dulcimer! One of my Maestro Dulcimers played by Mally Harpaz with Anna Calvi on Jools Holland October 2013

Tim Manning: Blue Sky / Clouds - Hammered Dulcimer Ambient Moods

Harmony Classic Dulcimer played by Noelle Burville 2014. Noelle plays her composition Spring Tiding

Order a Dulcimer before Christmas recieve a Free Chromatic Dulcimer Tuner + Book You can teach yourself Hammered Dulcimer by Madeline MacNeil.

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Music Magic Cimbalom style instrument centre stage at Royal Opera House!!

Aeolian Harps

Supplied to :

Acoustics Research Centre Salford

National Trust

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Hammered Dulcimers

Unique English Dulcimers supplied to:

Royal Acadamy of Music

Peter Gabriel

Anna Calvi's Mally Harpaz

Charlie Winston's Ben Edwards

Orbital - Joy Smith

National Trust

Oliver Goyet

Greg Knowles






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